Round 8 Norman Hotel Players of the Match

Round 8 Norman Hotel Players of the Match

In a thrilling Round 8 clash in Rockhampton, the crowd witnessed the exceptional talents of Pride Petterson-Robati and Jaydah Tofae, who emerged as the standout performers of the match, sponsored by The Norman Hotel.

Pride, a force to be reckoned with in the Hostplus Cup team, demonstrated his prowess with an impressive 10 runs covering a total of 100 meters. His defensive capabilities were equally commendable, making an astounding 31 tackles without a single miss. Pride's relentless determination and hard-hitting tackles set the tempo for his team's performance.

Jaydah, on the other hand, left spectators in awe with her remarkable skills and game-changing plays in the BMD Premiership. Her electrifying line break in the 22nd minute culminated in a sensational try. Throughout the game, Jaydah's tenacity and strategic gameplay were evident, earning her a solid 70 minutes of playtime. 

Both Pride and Jaydah will receive a dining voucher to spend an evening with our partners at The Norman Hotel.

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