Round 6 Norman Hotel Players of the Match

Round 6 Norman Hotel Players of the Match

Last Saturday, our teams ventured down to UAA Park in the Gold Coast to take on the Burleigh Bears. Among the standout performers was Rory, who showcased an impressive 65 minutes on the field, making 43 tackles without a single miss. His unwavering consistency proved to be a formidable force for the boys in Round 6.

Additionally, Keilee seized a pivotal moment in the match by scoring a barnstorming try in the 57th minute, securing Souths' lead. This electrifying moment not only bolstered the team's morale but also ignited the crowd's fervent support.

Hostplus Cup have had a challenging couple of weeks on the field but the support from Rory has been pivotal for the team. Keilee has been a consistent force for BMD and we are blessed to watch her show up and perform week in and week out. 

Our Players of the Match will receive a dining voucher to spend an evening with our partners at The Norman Hotel. For the best steak in Brisbane, don't hesitate to check them out!

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