Round 5 Norman Hotel Players of the Match

Round 5 Norman Hotel Players of the Match

The standout performers of Round 5, sponsored by The Norman Hotel, showcased their talent at the Sunshine Coast Stadium in our clash against the Falcons.

Our BMD player of the week, Kiarah Siauane, truly shone with an outstanding performance, scoring an impressive four tries on Saturday. Her exceptional playmaking abilities and determination saw her cross the try line repeatedly, proving to be an invaluable asset to the team during Saturday's match.

In the midst of a challenging match where the HPC team struggled to find their rhythm, Ethan Quai-Ward emerged as a consist presence for the boys. Making 21 runs for a total of 202 running meters, 4 tackle breaks and 2 off loads, he was pivotal for Souths attacking game. 

Both recipients of this weeks Player of the Match will receive a dining voucher to spend an evening with our partners at The Norman Hotel.

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