Round 14 Norman Hotel Player of the Match

Round 14 Norman Hotel Player of the Match

Our Round 14 Norman Hotel  Player of the Match goes to Martin Taupau! 

Marty made an impressive debut for Souths last Sunday, showcasing his incredible talent and tenacity on the field. In his first game with the team, Marty ran an impressive 171 meters, including 60 post-contact meters, and broke through 4 tackles, demonstrating his power and agility.

But Marty didn't stop there. He backed up his offensive efforts with a solid defensive performance, making 20 tackles and contributing 7 push supports. His all-around performance made a massive impact on the team and highlighted his versatility and strength.

Marty's debut was not just a standout individual performance but also a promising sign of what's to come. His ability to integrate so seamlessly into the squad and deliver such a high level of play right from the start is exciting for fans and teammates alike. We look forward to seeing how he continues to gel with the team and elevate our game in the coming matches.

Congratulations, Marty, on a phenomenal first game! We're thrilled to have you with Souths and can't wait to see what the future holds.

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