Norman Hotel Players of the Match

Norman Hotel Players of the Match

Despite a tough 80 minutes on the field, Tyler Coburn from our Hostplus Cup team and Ngatokotura Arakua from our BMD Premiership side emerged as the Norman Hotel Players of the Match, showcasing their exceptional skills on the field.

Tyler Coburn's performance was nothing short of exemplary as he played the full 80 minutes with unwavering commitment. Making his mark on the game, Coburn broke through the opposition defense with a powerful tackle break, demonstrating his offensive prowess.

On the defensive end, Coburn proved to be a formidable force, recording an impressive 26 tackles with a staggering 98% tackle efficiency. His relentless dedication and stellar performance were instrumental in driving our team forward.

Meanwhile, Ngatokotura Arakua lit up the field with her electrifying performance for our BMD Premiership side. Arakua's dynamic presence was felt as she scored two sensational tries, showcasing her determination to get over the line.

Both Coburn and Arakua proved their dedication, earning well-deserved recognition as the Norman Hotel Players of the Match.

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