Amin Team

Souths Logan Magpies and Souths Leagues Club are administered by a common team of passionate and talented people working across the organisation. This team is led by our Board and CEO.

Our Board

Souths Logan Magpies Board Chair Mohammad Allouche
Board Chair:
Mohammad Allouche
Souths Logan Magpies Director Megan Harris
Megan Harris
Megan has been involved with Rugby League for over 4 years across the NRL and the QRL and saw the opportunity to give back to this great game through joining the Board of Souths a year ago, as the first female board member.  Megan has a passion for improvement, growth, people and developing the women’s competition.
Souths Logan Magpies Board Member Mark Gurdler
Mark Gurdler

Luke Georgiou

Bob Hudson
Souths Logan Magpies Director John Kalaja
John Kalaja

Our Admin Team

Souths Logan Magpies CEO Jim McClelland Jim McClelland, CEO

Souths Logan Magpies Head Coach Jon Buchanan Jon Buchanan, Head Coach

Souths Logan Magpies Womens team coach Rob Brough Rob Brough, Women’s Team Coach

Barb McClelland, Venue Operations Manager

Souths Logan Magpies Football Operations Manager Craig Grauf Craig Grauf, Football Operations Manager

Souths Logan Magpies Marketing manager Hugh Brown Hugh Brown, Marketing Manager

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