We return with another edition of A Set Of Six for this week and we are extremely excited to be sitting down with BHP Premiership Lock and former Australian Waterpolo representative Jamie-Lee Lewis.

Jamie-Lee is the daughter of League legend Wally Lewis but is more than paving her own way in the sport while inspiring everyone she meets by smashing through the adversity of playing with Cochlear Implants as JL was born profoundly deaf.

1- Growing up in Brisbane, what were your earliest footy memories and what was your first club?

My earliest footy memories would be Touch Football days. I remember playing touch footy games at the Redlands. My first Footy club was Redlands Touch Association. 

2- You played Water-Polo for Australia, have any of the skills or lessons from that sport transfer into playing Rugby League?

Yes, there has been a few skills that have transferred to footy. I use my eyes a lot more and passing has given me lots of strength. Also be able to catch the ball with one hand easier. Discipline has been the most important lesson in sport. Waterpolo has taught me how to be disciplined. Getting up early and go to training, how to look after myself, how to eat well and also respect the coach, the staff and your teammates as well. It teaches you how to read the game well, continue to obey the rules while producing your best performance. Never give up.

3- You have changed positions a few times over the past few seasons, What do you think is your best spot on the field is? 

Lock is one of my favourite positions on the field so far. I am loving it and learning a lot. My old man reckons I should be playing five eighth haha. 

4- What is it like to be able to play for Souths Logan with your longtime friend Steph Hancock, who both your fathers (Wally and Rohan) played for QLD Together? 

It has been a privilege to play alongside Steph. One of the legends of women’s rugby league football. She never gives up. She will always have your back. Not only is she a great football player, she’s a role model and a great mentor to everyone. Steph gives so much back to the game she loves and I intend to do the same. The very first game with Steph was a special moment because both our fathers watched their daughters together alongside each other on the sideline. Our fathers played for Queensland, in the very first state of origin together. 

5- What career do you currently work in and how did you get into that area?

I work for Systems Subfloor. I got into it by my good mate. I absolutely love it. We do floor prep. Lots of physical work. Carry concrete bags/buckets. Mix concrete, top the floors. Rip up the tiles, vinyls, carpets. Grind the floor and get it ready.  It’s almost like doing weight training. I hope to finish off my apprenticeship in carpentry/cabinet maker in the future. 

6- What do you like to do away from footy to relax?

It depends on the week or weekends. I like to go to camping/4WD/adventure. Go for a hike/walk up the mountains, explore different places. Spend time with family and my dog. Or do renovations which I love doing!

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