Round 14 of the Intrust Super Cup see the Souths Logan Magpies travel to the Sunshine Coast with the Colts to take on the SC Falcons

Head-to-Head: Souths-Logan 12 Sunshine Coast 6 Drawn 1
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  • The Sunshine Coast’s win over the Magpies in the 4v5 final last year was first time the Falcons had a home win over Souths Logan since 2012.
  • Despite being in good form overall, the Magpies have lost their past two and three of their past four away games
  • This will be the 100th Cup game for Souths Logan Magpies hooker Travis Waddell. All his matches have been for the club, making him fourth player to play 100 Cup games for the Magpies.
  • The Melbourne Storm have announced Sandor Earl will make his return to the playing field with the Falcons. More here > Earl’s comeback journey continues

Intrust Super Cup | Sunshine Coast Stadium | Saturday 9th June
Souths Logan Magpies v Sunshine Coast Falcons 5.00pm


Souths Logan Magpies

1. Corey Allan
2. Benaiah Bowie
3. Marion Seve
4. Dan Russell
5. Paul Rokolati
6. Guy Hamilton
7. Sam Scarlett
8. George Fai
9. Travis Waddell
10. Thomas Flegler
11. Brendon Gibb
12. Patrick Mago
13. Phil Dennis (c)
14. Jordan Scott
15. Simi Fatafehi
16. Daniel Tamou
17. Sam Elliott


Coach: Jon Buchanan

Sunshine Coast Falcons

1. Ryan Papenhuyzen  2. Matt Soper-Lawler  3. Justin Olam  4. Christopher Lewis  5. Khan Ahwang  6. Caleb Daunt  7. Rhys Jacks  18. Tui Kamikamica  9. Harry Grant  12. Lachlan Timm  11. Dane Hogan (c)  10. Jacob Hind  13. Liam McDonald  14. Harrison Muller  15. Lachlan Roe  16. Sam Burns  17. Jordan Brown

Coach: Craig Ingebrigtsen

game times | all grades

saturday 9th june

SEQ Southside 1  | Bill Norris Oval | Saturday 9th June
Souths v Beenleigh Pride 3.00pm

Hastings Deering Colts U20’s | Sunshine Coast Stadium | Saturday 9th June
Souths Logan Magpies v SC Falcons 3.15pm


Souths Logan Magpies

1. BJ Oates 14. Henry Pritchard 2. Thane Kellermeyer 4. Clayton Uia 5. Tommy Sa’u 6. Kye Oates 7. Dray Ngatuere-Wroe 8. Kobe Tararo 9. Blake Scott 10. Rory Ferguson (c) 11. Jacob Alick 12. Luke Burton 13. Iizaya Ranga Iti 15. Ashton Watson 16. Bruce Ten 17. Emosi Tuqiri 18. Amosa Aumua

Coach: Shayne Boyd

Sunshine Coast Falcons

1. Jack Wright 2. Tye James 3. Rueben Olive 4. Hayden Lewis-Boyer 5. Robbie Barwick 6. Wyatt Reynolds 7. Augie Rangihuna 15. Matt Moessinger 9. Damian Forde-Hurrell (c) 10. Jayden Bishop 11. Rowan Jardine 12. Liam Taylor 13. Jake Egan 14. Zac Green 16. Coby Gibbs 17. Aaron Nelson 19. Carlos Swasbrook-Murray 20. Riley Moore 21. Trent Loiero

Coach: Michael Buckley

SEQ Seniors Womans Div 1 | Suzuki Stadium, Langlands Park | Saturday 9th June
Souths v Easts 6.00pm