This year the Magpies have seen some exciting things develop around our club, both on & off the playing field. With some new fresh talent which has strengthened our footy side to the Davies park complex, at West End , once again been approached to mentor & train job seekers in another work for the dole project. Already 9 weeks in, many of the participants are learning a number of new skills in around the historical park. This proud club has seen many famous success stories begin their career at the home of the Magpies. Mal Meninga, John Grant & Wayne Bennet, are just a few of the names that began their path to the top of their chosen fields & just like those people, our newest team of job seekers are aiming to do the same. So far this year our participants have rubbed shoulders & helped prepare our grounds for some of this country’s highest profiled athletes, coaches & clubs. The second week of the project saw the NRL All Stars base there training & preparations for their annual clash at Davies Pk. This saw our excited team learn how to prepare & set up the surface of the field & surrounds to accommodate some of the best players in the world. Many of them had never mowed or used any of the equipment that they found themselves mastering in their first week. At that same time the Australian Women’s rugby league team also took advantage of the excellent surface to hold their field sessions at Davies as they prepared for the test match against the Kiwi’s. Wayne Bennet, coach of the All Stars, praised the new team of groundsmen & women of the surface & the service they provided for the week. He spoke to the group about how hard work, commitment & making the most of any positive opportunity, can make your life better. Word has travelled a long way regarding the good work that they have done & how good the facilities at Davies park have become under the previous successful project & the current one, that the St George Dragons NRL team has also used the Davies for their preparations, whilst in Brisbane. For many of this year’s new workforce, it has been hard to believe they have interacted on such a close level with our country’s biggest names in sport , just by being involved in the Magpies work for the dole project. Employment companies involved with the Magpies project are overwhelmed by the success that has come from the second, federally funded scheme. Many people have been placed in jobs due to the mentoring & extensive networking system that is available at the West End based Magpies. A lot of the older & a couple of unused buildings onsite are currently being renovated, with the help of the new team, to allow the community & others enjoy the park. These projects & there participants are giving a number of new opportunities to all aspects of the surrounding community. Throughout the next 4 months the front entrance is planned to be re landscaped to allow more community seating & eating area, renovating the remainder of the older canteen to allow potential office space for participants to access job sites via computer. So it’s proving to be a winner , once again , with projects that the Souths Magpies staff, as they mentor some of the less fortunate jobseekers in our community & guide them to more opportunities in the work force.

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