Davies Park is getting a well awaited and deserved freshening up due to the great project (work for the dole) that has been made available to the Souths Logan Magpies.

The riverside club house and its facilities are being rejuvenated along with the help of many unemployed people who are showcasing some of their skills/talents in the workforce to the public. Tasks the group have undertaken in the past two weeks include-painting seats, signs and tables, repairing exterior fences, repairing dressing rooms, maintaining the field and surrounding grassed areas and horticultural practices as they maintain the picturesque, historical surroundings that is Davies Park.

The project enables up to 15 unemployed people to expose there abilities to the public. There first real chance for maximum exposure will be on August 2nd, when the Magpies host there next home game, this will give a large number of the public to see the work that has been carried out. Club CEO, Jim McClelland is delighted with the progress, quality and pride of workmanship they have displayed in completing there tasks.

The project runs for a total of 26 weeks and hopefully the project will enable a large number of unemployed participants opportunities to get back into the workforce, already after two weeks with the help of supporting project staff, two participants have already found full time employment in work related tasks undertaken at Davies Park.

Below are some pictures of the participants and the tasks they have undertaken in the past two weeks also enjoying a well-earned BBQ which the supervising staff put on for them every Friday.

IMG_1885 IMG_1903 IMG_1907