On Friday the the 15th of May club affliates drew  the winning tickets from the Junior club affliates monster raffle!!

Prizes included, Tangalooma Island Resort getaway packages, bigscreen TV’S, outdoor BBQ and more. A big congratulations to our winning recipients;

1st Prize: Emmerson O’connell (Logan Btothers)

2nd Prize: L. Morley (Brownsplains)

3rd Prize: Glenn Gooding (Flagstone)

4th Prize: Kirsten Andronartha (Greenbank)

5th Prize: Francine Ryan (Greenbank)

6th Prize: M. Mughli (Logan Brothers)

7th Prize (Marsden High)

Between all Junior Clubs involved and the Marsden High school all together just under $20’000 was raised towards Rugby League Programs.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the wonderful on going support of Peet Group especially but all our Junior development sponsors.


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